Create a Website - Start Your Blog or Business Website

So you want to start a website but don’t know where to begin? We are here to help you get started and guide you through the steps one by one so you can get your site up and running quickly and understand your options.

There are many decisions you will need to make and our resources will help you find the best option for your situation. Whether you have no technical knowhow or are a techy person you will find useful information so you can make informed decisions to get your site built as quickly and thoughtfully as possible.

What you will need to start a website?

  • Website Builder - this will be what you build your website in.
  • Hosting Provider - this is where your site files will be located and made accessible.
  • Domain Name - this is the name people will use to access your website

Picking a Website Builder

Picking a website builder is probably one of, if not the, most important step in creating a website. Once you have settled on a website builder and begun working on your website it will be difficult to switch, not impossible, but at the very least time consuming and possibly costly.

We have reviewed some of the top website builders so you can make a more informed decision. Also, many of the website builders out there provide a free trial so you can try them out before you commit.

Keep in mind not only what you want to do to get your website up and running but also what your future plans are for your website. Some website builders are limited in the functionality that can be added so be sure the website builder you choose can do everything you plan on adding to your site now and in the future.

Our Recommendation

Ecommerce Sites

If you are strictly looking to build an e-commerce website then the easiest way to get started is going to be to go with a website builder that was made specifically for e-commerce. 

Shopify should easily be the top choice for most people. Shopify powers over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide and was built specifically with e-commerce in mind. With an easy to use drag-and-drop page builder you can have your e-commerce store up and running in no time.

Get a 14 day free trial.

Blog or Business Website

We feel that ultimately most people will be best served using WordPress. WordPress is free and runs over 35% of the websites on the internet. There is a bit more of a learning curve than with some of the other Website builders out there, but we feel it is ultimately worth it. 

There are also free drag and drop builders available to use with WordPress that make using it easier. With WordPress your website will be infinitely expandable using the ever growing library of themes and plugins available. With WordPress being so popular there is also a large amount of free resources available to help you get started.

You can get started with WordPress in minutes by signing up for managed WordPress hosting from BlueHost. It is affordable, reliable, and they have excellent customer support. 

Start for only $3.95/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Easiest Website Builder to Use

If you are looking for the easiest to use website builder then you need look no further than Wix. You can build a website quickly with their easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder. With Wix you also have the ability to extend the functionality of your site with apps to give you website more functionality if needed.

Wix has hundreds of templates to chose from and you can also build your own if you’d like. These features not only make Wix websites easy to create but also allow your  website to grow with your business.

Start your website for FREE!

Pick a Hosting Provider

Most website builders are hosted platforms, meaning when you sign up for them you also get hosting. This can make things simpler but also limits your choice, if their hosting isn’t that great you are stuck with it as you can’t move your site onto a different hosting provider. 

However, if you choose to create your website in WordPress you will have the option of choosing your own hosting provider. This provides more flexibility and can also save you money. You just have to be sure that the hosting provider you choose suits your needs now and in the future.

Our Recommendation

Best Value

If you are looking to get started on your WordPress site with the lowest cost we recommend getting started with BlueHost.

Best Performance

If your budget for hosting is higher then we recommend getting started with SiteGround.
You can see our detailed recommendations on our page Best Hosting Options for WordPress

Buy your Domain Name

You will need a good domain name for your site. For more detailed info on domain names read our article What is a domain name and why do I need one? A domain name is how people find you on the web. You will want to use your business name if possible. Depending upon the hosting provider you choose you may not need to purchase a domain name separately. I still recommend using a site such as NameCheap to search for domain names and get ideas. If you do need to purchase a domain name, we recommend using Namecheap for their low cost domain name registration and renewal costs as well as excellent customer service.