We tested Oberlo to try to answer the question. Can you make money drop-shipping with Oberlo?

Why Oberlo?

We chose Oberlo because they let you start for FREE!

What’s better than free? 


We could have tested Dropified or Spocket.co

Unfortunately there is only a 14 day free trial for Dropified and Spocket.co just isn’t as popular as Oberlo (they may very well be better though and we will review them at a later date as well).


The basic steps for getting started with Oberlo are:

  • Sign up for Oberlo
  • Sign up for Shopify
  • Find Products in Oberlo
  • Add Products to import list
  • Import the products you imported into Oberlo into Shopify

Sign up for Oberlo

Ok, this is probably the only step that isn’t confusing. You simply fill out some info and BAM! You have an Oberlo Account! Good done! Well, not quite. Now you have to….

Sign up for Shopify

Now you will need to sign up for Shopify. Oberlo is a Shopify company but Shopify does not have a free tier. They do however offer a 14 day free trial. So, you can try this all out without paying a dime.


Find products in Oberlo

Finding products to sell in Oberlo is not very difficult. You search a keyword and things pop up. Simple enough. For my search, Birthday Party Supplies, there are over 4000 pages of products.

Add Products to Import List

Each of the over 150,000 products that I want to add to my store, I now have to click “Add to Import List”. This is where it does get a bit tedious and I wish it was a bit more user friendly. Maybe with time you can get better at narrowing down your results though.

Import products that you imported to you import list into Shopify

Already you can see that if you are wanting to create a store with a lot of products that it will not be easy. After you have chosen products to import you have to then go into that list and select the items to import them into Shopify. Luckily you can selects all the items in your import list and do them all at once.

You signed up and got an order! What now?

This one is a bit confusing to me. You now have setup an online store but if you get an order then you have to place the orders manually when someone places an order on your site. This to me seems silly and I really wish this could be automated. Also something to keep in mind, orders dropped shipped from China can takes weeks to get to customers. I am not sure how well that will go with your customers in a world of “I want it now!” but people have found success doing this.


This is from Oberlos site:

An important note to mention that many new Oberlo store owners forget to fulfill orders in Oberlo’s back end. Remember: fulfilling an order on Shopify doesn’t fulfill it in Oberlo. You need to log-into the Oberlo app to process the order, otherwise our systems won’t detect it.”


I am sure that maybe there are people who would want to spend their times doing this. It seems to me like it will take a lot of time to manage a store in Oberlo. From having to add each item individually and  having to place orders manually. Not to mention some of the items I added to my store had like 20 pictures of different products so it was hard to tell what I was actually ordering. ( I think you can manually edit photos so 20 different ones don’t show up, but you would have to do that for every product) This may be a bit simpler for other products categories though.


I think it is worth a look for sure. I think it will be easier if you only have a few high priced products to have drop-shipped.. I think keeping your item list small will be best for this. If you have a lot of items in your store I think it would be difficult to manage.

If any has used Oberlo and has had a great experience, or otherwise, please leave a comment below. This was admittedly a quick review of the site so I would like to hear from you if you had a better experience,

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